The technology we use to modify our wood and install decking has a number of benefits, watch the video and keep reading below!

ThermalWood Canada has the exclusive rights to manufacture state-of-the-art ClipJuAn clips to create an easy, DIY installation of your hardwood decking and cladding. The clips are made of POM (polyoxymethylene), which is one of the highest performing plastic on the market, the same to manufacture soles of ski boots.

  • Save up 50% on your installation time
  • Invisible results: no need to drill through your wood, meaning no splinters!
  • Pre-set spaces between clips means perfect installation every time!
Snap-to-it decking system

ThermalWood Canada prides itself for being a leader in the thermal modification manufacturing of wood products. Our in-house thermal modification process has been studied for many years, yet is simple at the base.

Using our specially designed kiln, the wood is heated at a precise temperature, essentially cooking the lumber.

This process changes the characteristics of the wood. Notable advantages include:

  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Eliminates the risk of decay and damage caused by insects
    • The high heat chemically transforms sugars in the wood. This makes the wood unattractive to potentially harmful insects, and acts as a barrier against decay caused by humidity and other water damage.
  • Uniform darker coloration throughout the thickness of the lumber
    • This makes it a great choice for outdoor or indoor uses where high humidity is present.
  • Green alternative
    • The fact that there are no chemicals added during the process allows the company to offer the consumer a green alternative solution in a diversified market.

For more technical data and specs, please see this PDF.

Thermal modification process


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