Wood Flooring


This product is sold per square foot.

Use the square footage calculator below to find out how much you need to order. We recommend adding an extra 10% to your order to account for pieces that need to be cut. We also have custom widths available.

If you would like to speak with a specialist, please call (506) 548-9126.

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ThermalWood Canada’s interior flooring products offer natural insulation properties that are seven times greater than ceramic, cushion and laminated floors. This product can be installed on heated surfaces or even glued directly onto concrete.

Our flooring products don’t have end matching – but no worries! Thermally modified wood is much more stable and won’t move like standard hardwood flooring.

Uses: Whether you’re looking for indoor flooring for your living room space or to finish your cottage with a beautiful hardwood floor, our thermally modified indoor flooring will surely exceed your greatest expectations.

Species: We offer flooring products in a variety of species, including but not limited to maple, oak, ash, and birch. Contact us for other custom projects!

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Ash, Birch, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Birdseye Maple


Dark, Light


2.5”, 3.5”, 4.5”


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