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This product is sold per square foot.

Do you also need the Snap-to-it Clips to make installation easy? Order here.

Use the square footage calculator below to find out how much you need to order. We recommend adding an extra 10% to your order to account for pieces that need to be cut. If you would like to speak with a specialist, please call (506) 548-9126.

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Our thermally modified hardwood siding uses the same technology as our Snap-To-It decking. Machined grooves on the backside of the siding allow these boards to be fastened to the wall using our Snap-To-It clips. Simply screw the clip onto your strapping and snap the siding in place. Save up to 30% on your installation time! You can find out more about how to install using the Snap-to-it technology here.

As with all thermally modified wood, it will grey over time without UV protection. You have an option of having your siding coated with a stain.

Our siding products carry a warranty for 60 years against rot and decay. We will not however warranty the UV protection you choose to use.  To view a PDF, Click Here!

**Please Note**  Our siding is made to order. Sometimes we do have stock on hand. There may be a lead time of a few weeks to ship

There are four different profiles to choose from online, with custom profiles available at your request.

Single Rabbet Profile

Single Rabbet Profile


Double Rabbet

Double Rabbet


Shiplap Profile

Shiplap Profile

Uses: Great option for all your siding needs, from home to cottage and everything in between.

Species:  We offer siding products in a variety of species including maple, ash, & birch. Contact us for custom projects!

Additional information


Ash, Maple, Birch

Profile (see description below)

Shiplap, Double Rabbet, Single Rabbet

UV Coat

No UV Coat, Add UV Coat Sansin


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